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My family moved to Pasadena when I was five, and it has been the only home I’ve ever known. As a child and teenager, I delivered the Pasadena Star-News to neighborhoods around the city for 8 years. As a twelve-year-old, I sold stuffed footballs at the Rose Bowl. At night and on weekends in high school, I waited on tables at Rancheros Mexican Restaurant. After law school, my wife and I began our family here. Now, we live two blocks from my childhood school, Madison Elementary.

I come from very modest and challenging circumstances.  As a child and young man, I had to grow up fast.  I learned firsthand about economic insecurity, hard work, compassion, and having faith in the future.  

That is what has driven me to work for decades to represent Pasadena residents and safeguard Pasadena’s heritage and liveability.

Unfortunately, for the last few years, big outside developers have gained the upper hand over everyday Pasadena families. They are working harder than ever to rapidly change Pasadena for the benefit of only a tiny few. It’s displacing our families and seniors, and making housing unaffordable.

Growing up, Pasadena worked for me and my family. Today, too many Pasadenans believe they are unheard at the top of City Hall. As Mayor, I pledge to listen to all of Pasadena’s residents and fight to make sure Pasadena works for the people who live here now.

Strong Leadership With Transparency & Accountability

  • I will work to ensure our local city government is responsive, transparent, fiscally responsible, and accountable to residents. 

  • I worked to build up the City’s reserves by creating a rainy day fund preparing the City for the Great Recession. Following the recession, I led the effort to keep Pasadena financially strong, working to cut expenses while protecting public safety and vital city services.

  • Since the start of the Pandemic, I led the way by championing tenant protections, sought relief funds for local businesses, increased testing, personal protective equipment for front-line workers, and meals program for seniors and other vulnerable citizens. I will ensure working families who have been hit hardest by the crisis aren't left behind in the recovery from COVID-19.

Safe & Vibrant Neighborhoods

  • I will work to protect our neighborhoods from over development and traffic.

  • Ridding our neighborhoods of nuisances: I worked with neighbors to close down two nuisance liquor stores and replace them with high quality affordable housing. No other councilmember has this accomplishment.

  • Safety in our parks: I advocated for increasing park safety and enjoyability by increasing safety patrols, enhancing park programing, and improving maintenance.

  • I am one of the City Council’s leading voices on maintaining public safety funding for both fire and police services, and a supporter of strong oversight.

  • Protecting our City and the environment - I cast the deciding vote to oppose the 710-freeway tunnel. I have led efforts to demand stronger environmental protections, and will continue to do so for future generations.


Affordable Housing

  • Retaining and building more affordable housing - In the last 15 years, I brought in more affordable housing than any other City Council District, helping over 200 seniors and low-income families. And, I fought to retain our City’s current affordable housing stock.

  • I championed the original Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requiring developers to include affordable housing in every project. Most recently, I led the fight to increase the number of units in each development.


Investing in Our Kids

  • Protecting schools & parks - On the City Council, I led the fundraising efforts to successfully pass Measures I & J, which provides much needed support for our public schools as well as our parks and essential city services.

  • Ensuring the best start and fair opportunity for all kids - Victor also led the effort to establish Pasadena as an Early Learning City and establish the Office of the Young Child, focusing on improving outcomes, programs, and resources for children 0 to 5 years and their families.


Putting Working Families First

  • As chair of the City Council’s Economic Development & Technology Committee, I led the effort to raise Pasadena’s minimum wage to $15-an-hour in 2015 to support our working families.

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