Bill Bogaard

Pasadena Mayor (Ret.)

“I’m delighted to endorse Victor Gordo for Mayor because he’s a leader that brings people together. Time and time again on the Pasadena City Council, he has succeeded in building a consensus on a wide-range of complicated issues. As someone who worked closely with Victor over the years, I appreciate his ability to hear differing viewpoints, then build a coalition that has strong support. Victor is energetic, deeply in touch with the community, and has developed a high level of faith and confidence from his constituents. I enthusiastically support his campaign for Mayor and look forward to helping him get elected.”

Pasadena Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 809

“The Pasadena Firefighters Association is proud to endorse a dedicated public safety advocate like Victor Gordo for Mayor, because he understands the integral role that firefighters play in our public safety system. We know that our firefighters can count on Victor to fight for the equipment, resources, and staffing necessary to keep our local neighborhoods safe, because he’s done so time and time again on the Pasadena City Council, standing up for the brave women and men who have devoted their lives to protecting our communities. We are proud to stand with Victor in his campaign, and look forward to helping him get elected Mayor of our city.”

Bernard Melekian

Former Pasadena Police Chief

“I’m excited to announce my support for Victor Gordo for Pasadena Mayor.  When I was Chief of Police for Pasadena, Victor was a strong advocate for public safety and responsible community policing on the City Council.  I saw Victor’s commitment to public safety firsthand, as well as his dedication to genuinely hearing people out when they disagree.  I’m with Victor 100%.”

Bill Thomson

Pasadena Mayor and District 7 City Councilmember (Ret.)

“Victor Gordo is unquestionably the best person for Pasadena Mayor.  I watched Victor lead the Rose Bowl to financial solvency, and as someone with experience managing large budgets, I know he’ll do the same with our city. I’m excited to endorse his campaign for Pasadena Mayor.”

Dr. Vera Vignes

Former Superintendent of PUSD Schools

“I’m thrilled to endorse Victor Gordo for Mayor, because he understands that the best education is the most important tool to success. When Peggy and I came to Victor with a mandate to focus on early childhood education and early child development, he recognized the challenge, and met it head-on. It’s more important now than ever that our city is focused on early childhood education and development as a way of creating a healthy city in the future, and I know Victor will prioritize it as Mayor.”

Paid for by Victor Gordo for Mayor 2020