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PASADENA, CA -- Today, Councilmember Victor Gordo's campaign for Mayor declared victory with him in first place with more than 46% of the vote at the time of this release, defeating the incumbent and two challengers.

Reacting to the news, Gordo released the following statement:

“Let me first begin by saying thank you to each of you individually and all of you collectively for working so hard for our campaign and the people of Pasadena. We are proud to announce a resounding victory.

As the votes continue to be counted, we are seeing a strong surge in voters supporting our campaign who are loudly saying they want change at the top of City Hall.  They want a unified Pasadena that is responsive and works for all. Our campaign is confident that our large margin of victory will continue to grow as every vote is counted.  

I want to thank the voters, all of our great volunteers, and supporters for delivering this important victory. I truly am humbled by your efforts, your support, and your votes.  I want to express my deep gratitude to the thousands of Pasadena residents from every corner of the City who supported our campaign. 

As we move forward, I pledge to all the people of Pasadena that I will continue to stand for the Pasadena that has given so much to my family and to me. We will continue to fight for a Pasadena that truly listens, is inclusive of everyone, stands with our families, our seniors, and our youth, invests in our public schools, supports our small businesses and local economy, and one that protects our most vulnerable residents.

Thank you, Pasadena.”

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