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PASADENA, CA -- Pasadena City Councilmember and attorney Victor M. Gordo announced today that he is running for Mayor of Pasadena in the March 3, 2020 election.

Victor and his parents immigrated from Mexico to Pasadena when he was a five-year-old child.  Victor grew up in Pasadena, attending Pasadena public schools.  Victor became the first person in his family to go to college--commencing with Pasadena City College, then Azusa Pacific University. Soon after his mother died, as the oldest of six, Victor was forced to abandon his college education to help care for his younger brothers and sisters, including his then four-year-old brother. When he was able to return to his formal education, Victor went on to law school, while working full-time, graduating early and with honors.

As a City Councilmember, Victor has worked for almost 19 years focusing on quality of life issues, including opposing overdevelopment, fighting crime, protecting fire and police services, ensuring safe neighborhoods, upgrading our parks, and replacing problem liquor stores with affordable housing. Victor is also the longest serving President of the Rose Bowl Operating Company, leading a successful renovation of the Stadium and making it one of the City's key economic engines while striving to reduce its neighborhood impacts.

Gordo announced his bid with the following statement:
"My family moved to Pasadena when I was five, and it has been the only home I’ve ever known. As a child and teenager, I delivered the Pasadena Star-News to neighborhoods around the city for 8 years. As a twelve-year-old, I sold stuffed footballs at the Rose Bowl. At night and on weekends in high school, I waited on tables at Rancheros Mexican Restaurant. After law school, my wife and I began our family here. Now, we live two blocks from my childhood school, Madison Elementary.

I come from very modest and challenging circumstances.  As a child and young man, I had to grow up fast.  I learned firsthand about economic insecurity, hard work, compassion, and having faith in the future.  

That is what has driven me to work for decades to represent Pasadena residents and safeguard Pasadena’s heritage and liveability.
Unfortunately, for the last few years, big outside developers have gained the upper hand over everyday Pasadena families. They are working harder than ever to rapidly change Pasadena for the benefit of only a tiny few. It’s displacing our families and seniors, and making housing unaffordable.

Growing up, Pasadena worked for me and my family. Today, too many Pasadenans believe they are unheard at the top of City Hall. As Mayor, I pledge to listen to all of Pasadena’s residents and fight to make sure Pasadena works for the people who live here now."

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