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Extensive Community Support is Another Boost to Victor Gordo’s Bid for Pasadena Mayor Following Successful Campaign Kick-Off Event

PASADENA, CA -- Signifying his far-reaching coalition of support among neighborhood and civic leaders in his bid for Pasadena Mayor, today Pasadena City Councilmember Victor M. Gordo unveiled an expansive list of over one hundred endorsements, including former Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Vera Vignes.  

This announcement follows Gordo’s incredibly successful campaign kick-off event over the weekend, which had over 250 supporters in attendance representing a broad cross section of people from across our City, from teachers, nurses, community organizers, landscape designers, retired firefighters, students, and other neighborhood and community leaders. The full list of endorsers can be found below:


  • Alfredo Mejia 

  • Andres Cano / Engineer

  • Angelica Pico

  • Ann Erdman / Former City of Pasadena PIO

  • Annette Pico

  • Armando Gonzalez / Architect

  • Armando Morales / Property Manager

  • Bernard Melekian / Former Pasadena Police Chief

  • Benny Joseph / Small Business Owner

  • Betty Sword / Friends of Washington Park

  • Bill Bogaard / Former Mayor of Pasadena

  • Bill Thomson / Former Mayor and District 7 Councilmember

  • Camille Phillips

  • Carol Hernandez / Orange Heights Neighborhood

  • Chipper Pastron / Small Business Owner

  • Cindy & David Schnuelle / Orange Heights Neighborhood

  • David Chisum / Landscape Designer

  • David Rose / Small Business Owner

  • Deborah Dentler / EAC Commissioner

  • Deborah Kay Sanchez

  • Deontay & Joy Potter

  • Dominic Chimenti

  • Doug Kranwinkle

  • Dr. John & Suzanne Van Dyke

  • Dr. Vera Vignes / Retired Superintendent of Schools

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

  • Elizabeth Grean

  • Ellie & Marty Podway / Daisy Villa Neighborhood

  • Erika Foy / Madison Heights Neighborhood

  • Esteban Lizardo / Pasadena Unified School District Board President (ret.)

  • Evette Pico

  • Frank B. Clark

  • Frank Deurr

  • Frank Rua

  • Fred Claire 

  • Fred Lowe

  • Gary E. Smith

  • Gordon Pashgian

  • Gretchen Durgan

  • Guille & Gerardo Alvarez

  • Herminia Ortiz / Vecino Unidos

  • Hovig & Aida Dimejian

  • Ina C. Gutman

  • Isabel Ramirez / Pasadena en Espanol

  • Jacqueline Joseph / Sales Director

  • Jan Sanders / Former Director of Pasadena Libraries 

  • Jari Faulkner / Retired Pasadena Police Lieutenant

  • Jay Durgan

  • Jeanette Mann / Former PCC Trustee

  • Jennifer Van Dyke

  • Joan Reid /Former PUSD Librarian

  • Joe Brown / Former President NAACP Pasadena

  • Joe & Pepi Feinblatt / Washington Square Neighborhood

  • John and Sarah Letts 

  • John Van Dyke

  • Jordan Vannini / Washington Square Neighborhood

  • Judy K. Kent

  • Julianna & David Delgado / Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

  • Julie Gutman-Dickinson

  • Karen DeMott

  • Kate & Pat Amsbry / Orange Heights Neighborhood

  • Keith Purcaro

  • Ken Perry / Small Business Owner

  • Kristin and Maurice Schrader-Frechette / Professor

  • Larry Gould

  • Laura Ayala-Huntley / Washington Square Neighborhood

  • Lee Allen

  • Leslie Ladd

  • Lois Barth / former PUSD Educator

  • Marco Malfitano

  • Maria & Alfredo Juarez

  • Mark Vistan

  • Marsha Rood / Downtown Pasadena

  • Martha Shenkenberg / Orange Heights Neighborhood

  • Mary Urtecho-Garcia

  • Matt Santogrossi / Villa Parke Neighborhood

  • Melissa Garcia / Raymond/Summit Neighborhood

  • Mic Hansen

  • Michael Chill / Raymond/Summit Neighborhood

  • Michael Dilsaver

  • Michael Gordo

  • Michael Haddad

  • Michael Pistillo / Raymond/Summit Neighborhood

  • Mindy Pfieffer / Washington Square Neighborhood

  • Monika Skerbelis

  • Nancy Tom

  • Narciso De Jesus

  • Nat Nehdar 

  • Natalie D. Salazar 

  • Nina Chomsky / Linda Vista/Annandale Neighborhood

  • Olegario Bugarin / Educator

  • Omel Nieves 

  • Patrice Sena / Catalina/Corson Neighborhood

  • Paul Bechely

  • Peggy Renner / Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

  • Peggy Sisson / Former City of Pasadena Child Care Coordinator

  • Peter S. Dickinson

  • Pete Gallanis / Restaurant Owner

  • Rafael Vistan

  • Ralph Frammolino / Journalist

  • Ralph Hurtado 

  • Richard & Kim Chinen

  • Rob & Leslie Levy

  • Robert Nelson / Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

  • Robin Miwa

  • RoseMarie Pico / Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

  • Sandi Mejia / Pasadena Mexican-American History Assoc.

  • Sandra Mahoney

  • Scott Boone

  • Serafin Espinoza

  • Shawna Horton

  • Sherena Alcaraz

  • Silvia Hernandez / Catalina/Corson Neighborhood

  • Sona Markarian / former PUSD Teacher

  • Stephen DeBerry & Cristine Soto-DeBerry

  • Stephen Lipira

  • Taka and Victor Suzuki

  • Taylor Jordan

  • Terri and Jim MacQuarrie / Raymond/Summit Neighborhood

  • Thelma Calantas

  • Thomas Pico, Jr.

  • Tina Miller / Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood

  • Todd Nevell

  • Tony Santilena / Former Human Services Commissioner

  • Tracy Joseph / Registered Nurse

  • Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin / Artist & Educator

  • Vicente Ramirez

  • Yuny Parada

Upon releasing this wave of grassroots endorsements, Gordo reflected:

"I am deeply grateful for this tremendous show of support from these neighbors, community leaders and grassroots activists. This early support is especially encouraging, since it's reflective of our goal of building a people-powered movement that will bring change to Pasadena. I look forward to continuing to learn and listen from my community and advancing forward-thinking and pragmatic ideas to ensure a Pasadena that works for all of us.”

Several community leaders released statements with their endorsements:

“Victor is the best choice to be Pasadena’s next Mayor.  Over his many years of service to our city, he has defended Pasadena’s historic fabric and its neighborhoods.  Most of all, Victor listens to community members, and follows through on his promises.”
-Mic Hansen

“I’m thrilled to endorse Victor Gordo for Mayor, because he understands that the best education is the most important tool to success. When Peggy and I came to Victor with a mandate to focus on early childhood education and early child development, he recognized the challenge, and met it head-on. It’s more important now than ever that our city is focused on early childhood education and development as a way of creating a healthy city in the future, and I know Victor will prioritize it as Mayor.”
-Dr. Vera Vignes, Former Superintendent of PUSD Schools

“I’m pleased to endorse Victor Gordo for Mayor because he is undeniably the best candidate for the job.  While we’ve had our disagreements over the years, Victor has always been a responsive public servant and a good listener when constituents voice their concerns. It’s time for a Mayor in Pasadena who respects and listens to the city’s residents.”
-Nina Chomsky, Linda Vista-Annandale resident

“Victor Gordo is unquestionably the best person for Pasadena Mayor.  I watched Victor lead the Rose Bowl to financial solvency, and as someone with experience managing large budgets, I know he’ll do the same with our city. I’m excited to endorse his campaign for Pasadena Mayor.”
-Bill Thompson, Former Pasadena Mayor and District 7 City Councilmember

“I’m excited to announce my support for Victor Gordo for Pasadena Mayor.  When I was Chief of Police for Pasadena, Victor was a strong advocate for public safety and responsible community policing on the City Council.  I saw Victor’s commitment to public safety firsthand, as well as his dedication to genuinely hearing people out when they disagree.  I’m with Victor 100%.”
-Bernard Melekian Former Pasadena Police Chief

In the last two weeks, Gordo earned the endorsement of the Pasadena Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 809 and announced the support of former Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, who will be serving as his campaign’s Co-Chair and Treasurer. Bogaard, who served as Pasadena’s Mayor from 1999–2015, was the first directly elected mayor of Pasadena since the 1940s and is the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history.

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